Monday, June 27, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!!!

I have many memories of ballgames. I never played (other than the backyard), but I have gone to many games and listened to even more games on the radio.If there was a Braves game on while I was growing up we were listening to the game. I LOVE the sound of the ball hitting the bat, the smell of the field, and the feeling you get when you sit and watch a game. I was so happy to get to take my little ones to their very first game and hopefully we will get to go to many more. Captain Drools talked about wearing his Braves shirt all day. He brought it to me about 10 times that day before it was finally time for him to get to wear it. Miss Boss was excited too! Here they are all ready to go to the game.

Mimi and Pappy joined us (of course). Miss Boss and Captain Drools are looking all around and taking everything in.
We got there early enough to catch batting practice.
At Turner Field there is a place to run a base. Captain Drools had to do this A LOT! We actually had to leave the game for a little while to head back to the base and run.

I love this sweet picture of my 3 most favorite people.
At one point during the game Captain Drools noticed some pretty girls sitting behind us and he decided to start dancing for them.
Here is Miss Boss clapping for the last out of the game.....Braves Win!!!